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The "Pont de pierre"

The "pont de pierre" (literally "bridge made of stone") was built in 12 years. Napoleonian's empire collapse in 1814 caused a 5 years interruption in the construction,

  • Location: Bordeaux (France)
  • Opening ceremony: April 30th, 1822
  • Total length: 487 m (the largest bridge in France at this time)
  • Number of piles: 16 
  • Number of arch: 17 (like the 17 letters of "NAPOLEON BONAPARTE") 
  • Length of work: 12 years (including 5 years interruption)
  • Cost: 8.2 Millions Francs
  • Work force: 4,000 workers (estimation)
  • Human toll: unknown

The "pont de pierre" is a multiple stone arch bridge (See eduMedia simulation dealing with the different types of bridges).

The bridge is built with local construction materials: Wood (Pines) comes from Landes' forests, stones from Saint-Macaire and Dropt's valley quarries. The bricks for the mansonry were burned in kilns situated at la Bastide using silt/clay form the river.


  • Illustrations from "Encyclopédie" de Diderot et D'Alembert, dealing with "Charpente".
  • Joseph Henri Denécheau's website about the "pont Cessart" (Saumur - France).
  • "Mémoire sur les objets les plus importans de l'architecture", Pierre Patte (1769).
  • "Journal des opérations faites pour la construction du pont de pierre de Saumur sur le grand bras de la rivière de Loire", L.A de Cessart (1764)

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