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Version updated on April 15, 2024


EduMedia publishes the EduMedia educational digital resources website www.edumedia.com (also www.edumedia-sciences.com). 

  1. EduMedia works exclusively in the field of educational digital resources. Founded in 2003, our customers include schools, libraries, school boards, academies and ministries of education in several countries. We would not be here today if we did place a special focus on protecting our users' personal data. Before going into detail about our policy on the collection of personal data, we wish to clarify the context of our activity:
  • EduMedia's business model is based exclusively on the sale of school and library subscriptions.
  • EduMedia does not derive any revenue from direct or indirect advertising.
  • EduMedia uses the HTTPS protocol to ensure that data exchanged between your browser and EduMedia sites is encrypted and cannot be spied on or tampered with.
  • We limit the data collected to that which is strictly necessary to meet your educational objectives.
  • EduMedia's offices are located in Canada and France. Our servers are located in Europe.
  • EduMedia is solely responsible, as data controller, for processing the data stored on its servers.

This charter is part of an ongoing personal data protection approach. Any updates to this approach will be brought to the attention of the site’s users and subscribers.


For the purposes of this document, here are the key terms used and their definitions:

  • EduMedia or the publisher or us/we: company registered with the RCS trade and companies register of Bordeaux (France) under the name EduMedia offering digital educational resources. EduMedia has an office in Quebec (Canada). “EduMedia” is a registered trademark.
  • Site: either of the www.edumedia.com or www.edumedia-sciences.com websites.
  • You, the customer,  the individual who uses the online services offered by EduMedia via the site.
  • Subscription: contract between the You and EduMedia for the use of the Site over a given period, the contractual proof of which is a paid invoice.
  • EduMedia resource: digital resource (animation, simulation, quiz or video) accessible via the Site and intended for educational use.
  • Teacher’s Area: individual account that only a teacher can create to enable them to access the SHARE, FAVORITE, VIDEO CAPTURE and FLIP tools.
  • Video capture: tool available to teachers, and to students under certain conditions, for making a video capture (sound + image) of an EduMedia resource.
  • Flip*: tool available to teachers enabling them to activate the video capture option for one or all of the students in their class. * FLIP is not available in the USA.
  • Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors that are specific to them.
  • Data processor: individual or legal entity that processes data on behalf of EduMedia, in the scope of a service.

1 What personal data is collected about you?

We collect two types of personal data:

  1. Data entered by the user (teacher, student) via a form, or via a creation such as a video capture.
  2. Data collected automatically via the Site (pages viewed, time spent, media viewed, etc.) to provide our customers with statistics or technical support (log files).

We also use third-party applications to provide our services. This includes, for example, sending automatic emails (activation emails, password retrieval, etc.), or services for measuring audiences in order to improve our products. The list of third-party applications that process personal data or that may use cookies on your computer is available in the appendix (chapter 7).

At no time do we ask a child or student to fill in a form.

Data entered by the customer

The data collected depends on the profile of the user:

"School" account:

When a school subscribes to our School offer, or asks for a free trial, a School profile is created for the contact person responsible for managing the commercial and administrative relationship with EduMedia. This contact person must provide us with the following:

  • Full name;
  • Email address;
  • Hashed password (encrypted so that it is unreadable, even for EduMedia);
  • School name.

We provide the contact person with authentication credentials (login-password or LMS integration) which they must pass on to all their colleagues at the school. All users of a School account remain anonymous; no personal data about them is collected.

Purpose: to ensure the commercial and administrative relationship with EduMedia; to forward the login information to teachers at the subscriber school.

"Teacher’s Area" account:

When a school subscribes to the School offer, or when a teacher subscribes to the Teacher offer or requests a free trial, the teacher may be invited to create a personal account. In this case, they must follow the Teacher’s Area registration procedure and provide us with the following:

  • Name;
  • Email address (which will be their login username);
  • Hashed password (encrypted so that it is unreadable, even for EduMedia);
  • Name of their school.

Purpose: to connect to EduMedia and benefit from the services available in the Teacher’s Area.

Video capture (teacher):

When a teacher has a Teacher’s Area account, they benefit from access to a number of tools, including the video capture tool to record explanations over a resource. Using the video capture tool, the teacher stores their voice and possibly their image on our servers. The teacher subsequently has a link to their creation. They can delete this creation whenever they like.

Flip* - Video capture (student):

Not available in the USA.

By default, the video capture tool is not enabled for students. However, as part of a specific learning project (flipped classroom, tutoring, oral exam), the teacher can decide to activate the video capture tool for their students on a selection of resources. This is the Flip option.

By making a video capture, the student transmits their voice and possibly their image (via an optional webcam). To enable the teacher to distinguish each video, the student also gives us their first name (or a pseudonym).

Purpose: to ensure learning continuity with remote students; to conduct a flipped classroom project, prepare students for oral presentations, provide tutoring and carry out assessments. 

The student is duly informed that their video will be shared with their teacher.

Since this method involves students' personal data, here are just a few of the actions we have taken to ensure that teachers and students can make the most of this incredible personalization tool with complete confidence:  

  • By default, the video capture tool is disabled for students. When the teacher shares a resource, students have no way of recording themselves until the teacher has selected “enable Flips”.
  • Students who submit a video capture are informed that their video will automatically be sent to their teacher.
  • Only the teacher receiving the video has a link for sharing it.
  • The student's video is stored on our servers for three months. It is automatically destroyed after three months. The teacher can delete it before this time.
  • We keep the amount of data collected to an absolute minimum. To help the teacher identify the source of a video, we ask the student for their first name or a nickname. This data is not mandatory.

Library account:

No personal data is collected in the scope of the Library offer.

2. Your consent

By using this site, you accept the present privacy policy and expressly consents to the collection and processing of certain data for the purposes described in the first chapter. 

The teacher's consent is required to validate their registration for the Teacher’s Area. They do so via a checkbox (opt-in principle: if it's not “yes”, it's “no”) when completing the registration form.

Student consent*: For minors, parental consent may be required. It is the teacher's responsibility to obtain parental consent for a student's use of the video capture option. By accepting our privacy policy, you agree that you are fully entitled to have your students use EduMedia independently.

Remember that the only time any personal data from a student is collected is when using the video capture tool after enabling the Flip option. Any videos created by students in this way are automatically destroyed after three months.

It should also be remembered that resources can always be shared without enabling Flip. Students’ access to resources is therefore completely anonymous, without any personal data passing through our servers.

FLIP (Video capture for students) is not activated for schools within the USA. As a result, no student data is collected.

3. Our commitments in terms of best practices

You’ve made the effort to read the details in the previous chapters. We will now summarize – in simple terms – just how much we care about the protection of your personal data.  

  • We only collect the data necessary for the proper operation of your subscription and the associated services:
    • Clearly, we could ask for a student's first or last name. However, we only ask for their first name or a nickname. Even this information is optional.
    • We offer schools anonymous access via which strictly no personal data is collected, even if this means that the teacher is unable to use the Teacher’s Area tools.
    • For teachers who wish to create their own Teacher’s Area, we ask only for the minimum required to log in: an email address and a name.
  • If you are located in the USA, eduMedia has decided to remove the only feature which could result in the storage of student information in order to comply with FERPA and COPPA. This feature is FLIP (video capture processed by students) which is not available in the USA, except upon special request.
  • The role of teachers is central: they are the ones who can invite students to use EduMedia. When a teacher enables video capture (i.e. Flip) for their students *, we provide a link to a dedicated page (here) to remind them of our commitment to privacy, even if we already have their consent. * FLIP is not available in the USA
  • Our policy for sharing and purging content is deliberately restrictive. Only the teacher benefits from the link to share a student creation *. Furthermore, this link and its content are automatically destroyed after three months. *Not available in the US.
  • We ensure that each service provider (list attached) has the data processor status within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: no. 2016-679) and the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
  • It goes without saying that the data collected is not given, sold or rented to any third party.
  • If any incident affecting the integrity or confidentiality of stored data is detected, we undertake to inform all stakeholders as swiftly as possible.

4. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

EduMedia is responsible, as data controller, for processing personal data. We act as data processor on the instructions of the payer (your school principal or academic director of education services, school service center manager).

EduMedia remains your privileged contact for any questions concerning the collection and use of your personal data. You can send your questions by e-mail to the following address: dpo@edumedia.com

Further information about EduMedia and its contact details can be found on the Legal notice page.

5. How long do we keep your data before deleting it?

  • We keep the personal data of the School and Teacher accounts for as long as this data is needed to ensure your account’s proper operation and to make contact, with an extension period of two years following the termination of your account. Once this period has elapsed, your account and all related data will be destroyed.   
  • Teacher’s video captures are kept for as long as their Teacher’s Area personal account remains active. As with other personal data, these captures will be destroyed after a two-year extension period following termination of your account.
  • Student video captures (Flip* option) are destroyed after three months, even if their teacher's subscription remains active. * FLIP is not available in the USA.
  • Newsletter: we retain your consent to receive our newsletter and the e-mail address you provide for this purpose for three years starting from the date of your registration or last contact with us. Should you decide to end your subscription by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email, your data will be automatically deleted with immediate effect.
  • Contact form data: The data you enter in the contact form will be stored by us until you ask us to delete it. It will be deleted one year after the request is closed.
  • Log files are deleted after one year.

6. Who has access to your personal data?

Our internal departments:

The personal data collected is accessible only to those members of staff who use it. This includes the customer relations, accounting and IT department teams. Access to this data is protected by means of dual authentication.

Our external service providers:

EduMedia's external service providers carry out IT and communication services on our behalf and may have access only to data that is necessary for the smooth functioning of these services.

We ensure that each service provider has the data processor status within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: no. 2016-679), and the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

7. EduMedia’s third-party service providers


All of our website data is stored on the cloud servers of our hosting provider, Platform.sh, located within the European Union, in Ireland.

The security of our users' data is our priority; this is the most important factor in evaluating our choice of hosting provider. We have chosen to host your data with a European provider that complies with Canadian (PIPEDA) and European (GDPR) regulations.
Platform.sh holds the SOC 2 type 2 certification for data security, confidentiality and availability.

Data processor’s privacy policy:  https://platform.sh/trust-center/security/data-security/ 


Payment platform for subscribing to our subscription offers. No banking information is transmitted to EduMedia. Stripe is a certified PCI level 1 service provider (PCI DSS1), the highest level of certification in the payment industry.

Data processor’s privacy policy:  https://stripe.com/fr/privacy


Service used to send "transactional" emails, necessary for the Site’s smooth functioning.

Data processor’s privacy policy: https://www.brevo.com/fr/legal/privacypolicy/


Site audience measurement tool. The purpose of this tool is to monitor global trends in terms of the Site’s traffic. It does not track individual visitors. Plausible does not use cookies or generate persistent identifiers. It does not collect or store any personal data.

Plausible Analytics is compliant with the GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) directive, as well as other regulations concerning the confidentiality of its web analytics products.

Data processor’s privacy policy: https://plausible.io/privacy   

Adobe Fonts

Font library to standardize the presentation of our content on any computer system.

We do not forward any personal information to Adobe.
The information collected by Adobe Fonts is available at the following URL: https://www.adobe.com/fr/privacy/policies/adobe-fonts.html


Analysis tool used to monitor and correct system errors by placing temporary cookies.

We do not forward any personal information to Sentry.

Data processor’s privacy policy: https://sentry.io/privacy/ 


Cloud-based storage space for video captures made by teachers and students. The servers are based in Europe. This provider complies with Canadian (PIPEDA) and European (GDPR) regulations. AWS holds SOC 2 type 2 certification for data security, confidentiality and availability.

Data processor’s privacy policy: https://aws.amazon.com/fr/compliance/data-protection/


Application used to check whether the email address entered by a user genuinely exists.

Data processor’s privacy policy: https://www.neverbounce.com/eu-privacy-policy


In addition, EduMedia also operates third-party services which we use to deliver our services.


Messaging platform for internal communication between EduMedia employees. Problem solving may involve exchanging personal data (emails, names, content) on Slack.

Data processor’s privacy policy: https://slack.com/intl/fr-ca/trust/privacy/privacy-policy

Google Workspace

Application used internally to store e-mails, documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, etc. In particular, this service is used to respond to requests made via our contact form (quote request, technical support).

Data processor’s privacy policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=fr 

8. What data is collected via cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone) when a website is consulted, an e-mail read, or when software or mobile apps are installed or used, whatever the type of terminal used.

The Publisher uses Session cookies (mandatory). These cookies store a unique session identifier and enable Internet users to memorize their site connection information. They do not store any personal information, and are not used for to profile or track the user.

The first time you browse the site, a banner explaining how cookies are used will ask for your consent before certain cookies are installed on your terminal. 

You will find instructions on how to use cookies on the most widely-used browsers via the following links:

9. What are your rights? 

The user benefits from fundamental rights of access, rectification, portability, opposition and deletion of their personal data. In accordance with its regulatory obligations, EduMedia has appointed a Personal Data Protection Officer. You may exercise these rights on behalf of yourself and your students by writing to this DPO at any time:  

EduMedia (Europe)
8 rue Borie
33300 Bordeaux

EduMedia (America and rest of the world)
835, Av. Turnbull
Québec, Qc, G1R2X4

We may then ask you for proof of your identity to verify the legitimacy of your request.  

CAUTION: Any request for deletion entails the definitive closure of the corresponding accounts, thereby preventing access to the various content. This decision, which is irreversible, may affect other users.

In the event of any dispute, the customer may lodge a complaint with the operator responsible for privacy protection in their country:  in France: the CNIL; in Canada: the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

10. Modifications

This document on personal data may be updated in accordance with any modifications to the Site.

These modifications may be made at any time and without prior notice. In the event of a modification, users with a subscription will receive notification via an email or a banner on our Site.  

If you consider these modifications to be unacceptable, please do not use EduMedia’s services.

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