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An interactive simulation is a powerful learning tool.

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Watching a video or reading a textbook, even a digital one, isn’t enough anymore. With EduMedia simulations, your students get to explore, hypothesize and experiment.

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Add an immersive, personal dimension to design content tailored to your needs. Your students will love it.

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Choose a topic, then discover and assess your students’ video creations. *Not available in the US.

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Teaching is more about raising questions than providing answers. Starting with something specific, students observe, question, conjecture and operate.

This vision is nothing new. You may recall the principles of the “object lesson” or, more recently, the “inquiry-based learning” method. What is new is the interactive component, which adds an experimental, fun and modern edge to your lessons.

There are lots of different teaching methods to approach a given subject. What better than a granular format to match yours?

Our multimedia and educational designers create all sorts of fantastic resources to stimulate the learner’s curiosity. The rest is up to you...

We learn differently,
so let’s teach differently!

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University of Lethbridge
Ottawa Public Library
Washington International School
Pennsylvania Cyber School
LWIS-CiS | DT Beirut
CREE School Board
Oakton College

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