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Art tessellation

Two artistic paintings are portrayed here to discover the art of paving. The suggested activities permit a progressive analysis leading to a faithful representation of a paving.

  1. Observe and recognize the regularities in the paving.
  2. Understand how the paving is built: Identify patterns and match them together.
  3. Build the paving: recognize the geometrical transformation and apply the same transformation to the reference pattern.

Select a board by clicking the arrows. Click on the board button to show the complet paving

Three ways to reproduce a board:

  1. Coloring: Select a painting pot. Click on the shape to color it.
  2. Placing: Select and place a shape amongst those suggested.
  3. Build: Place and transform the reference shape.


  • The Lizard pattern is inspired by M.C. Escher's works. (http://www.mcescher.com/gallery/symmetry/)
  • The Banjo player is inspired by Alain Nicolas works  (http://fr.tessellations-nicolas.com/humains.php)

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